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Welcome to Cooper County Memorial Hospital (CCMH)! We hope the information presented helps make your hospital visit more useful, relaxed, and pleasing.

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Patient Privacy


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Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is a true web-enabled application that provides secure and interactive 24-hour access to patient information from anywhere with an internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can view health information such as:

  • Recent doctor visits
  • Discharge summaries
  • Medications
  • Immunizations
  • Allergies
  • Most lab results

If you have recently visited Cooper County Memorial Hospital, you may have already created an account. Use the following link to access your account: Access your account here
If you did not set up an account, please contact Janelle Selsor at 660.882.4130 for more information.


Cooper County Memorial Hospital

Financial Assistance

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an itemized bill?
Call the Patient Service Representative at (660) 882-7461.
What is an “EOB”?
"EOB" stands for explanation of benefits. It is NOT a bill. It simply explains your insurance coverage.
Why doesn’t my insurance cover everything?
Not all insurance policies are the same. You should check with your insurance company to see what your particular policy covers.
Why do I have to give my coverage information more than once?
Although this may seem repetitive, we may not always have your most recent insurance and/or personal information.
If I am not asked about my insurance, should I still give it?
Absolutely! For the hospital to bill appropriately, we need your correct insurance information.

Financial Assistance

All patients of Cooper County Memorial Hospital are treated fairly and with respect regardless of their ability to pay for services rendered.
Patients presenting to the Emergency Department will be screened and treated in accordance with the federal EMTALA guidelines. Anyone facing an emergent condition will be treated and stabilized prior to any financial discussion. Non-emergent conditions will be processed similar to a physician office visit, with payment of co-pay requested at the time of the visit.
Payment options for patient balances will be reasonable and will be consistently applied.
Payment options include the following:

  • Up to six equal payments after an initial deposit
  • Payment plans through an approved outside financing agency.
  • Patients will also be eligible for discounts based on financial ability to pay, provided that the patient has submitted the appropriate paperwork to verify eligibility for these discounts. Click here to download the required paperwork.
  • As much as possible, all patients will be screened prior to receiving care to ensure they are informed of payment options and potential discounts prior to making a care decision.

Cooper County Memorial Hospital will ensure that any debt collection activities on our behalf are carried out in full accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Act.

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Cooper County Memorial Hospital

Medical Records FAQ’s

How can I obtain a copy of my medical records?
You must complete the “Authorization for use and disclosure of protected health information” form to receive a copy of your medical records.  This form is also available in our office or we would be glad to mail or fax a copy to you. The authorization form must be signed by the patient. If signed by other than the patient, documentation of authority to sign for the patient must be provided.  Valid picture identification is required.  You can return the form in person, by mail, or by fax. Copies provided to the patient are free of charge if less than 25 pages.
Can you give me my medical information over the phone?
No, we cannot.  This is due to the need to protect patient confidentiality.  We are not able to confirm identity over the telephone so we do not supply information over the phone.  Additionally, we are not clinical personnel and cannot explain test results.
Can someone else pick up my medical records for me?
Yes, but only if the signed authorization form specifies that they may be released to that person.  If you wish someone else to pick them up for you, list them as the receiving party, along with yourself, on the authorization.
If the person picking up your medical records was not listed in the original authorization, provide a letter with the date of the service, patient signature and date of birth.  If we can confirm your signature and the identity of the receiving individual with an ID form, we will release your records to that person.
Can my spouse get my medical records?
No, only if they have a valid authorization signed by you or your legal representative, specifying that your medical records may be released to that particular individual.
Can I obtain medical records of my minor child?
Medical information of a minor patient relating to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, drug or alcohol abuse is considered confidential and requires the patient, the custodial parents or legal guardians to sign the authorization.
How can I get the medical records of a deceased relative? 
The Personal Representative of the Estate of the deceased individual can authorize the release of the medical records of the deceased.  The Personal Representative has to be appointed by the Probate Court and bring documentation of the appointment before records will be released.  Items such as Durable Power of Attorney or designation as a decision-maker in an Advance Directive are no longer valid after the death of the patient. Still have a question? Give us a call (660) 882-4130

Contact Information

CCMH Medical Records Office                            
17651 Highway B                                                          
Boonville, MO 65233                                                
Phone: (660) 882-4130                                           
Fax: (660) 882-4131    


Cooper County Memorial Hospital

Visiting a Patient

We know that when you have a friend or family member in the hospital, you want to be available to them. With that in mind, Cooper County Memorial Hospital offers convenience services to all hospital visitors.

Visiting Hours
It is important that patients receive as much rest as possible to enhance their recovery. Cooper County Memorial Hospital encourages open visitation by family and friends as long as it is appropriate to the patient’s condition. All visits are subject to limitation by the Patient Care Staff. Visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Contacting a Patient
Family and friends may call a patient’s room through the main hospital line, (660) 882-7461.

Dining On-Site
Cooper County Memorial Hospital offers a cafeteria that is open to the public seven days a week and various vending machines throughout the hospital.

Gift Shop
The hospital Gift Shop offers a convenient place to buy gifts, reading materials, cards, and more.

Patient Rights & Safety 

Advanced Directives

Directions & Maps


Cooper County Memorial Hospital


Our volunteers come from all walks of life, ranging from high school students and adults to seasonal visitors and retirees.
Our volunteers work directly with people and provide behind the scenes support. Our goal is to find a match for your interests with opportunities at our organization and through our community programs.

The rewards of volunteering are many:

  • You may develop an interest in a medical profession or a particular skill.
  • Volunteering provides valuable work experience that young people need in applying for jobs, scholarships, and college programs.
  • You will receive the intangible rewards of contributing to patient care and recovery.
  • You can make a difference and contribute to society by giving back to your community.
  • You can make lifelong friends.
  • For more information: (660) 882-7461.


CCMH offers a cafeteria that is open to the public seven days a week and various vending machines throughout the hospital.

Gift Shop

Located in the main lobby at Cooper County Memorial Hospital, the Gift Shop carries a wide selection of gift items, jewelry, greeting cards, toiletries, magazines, and more. Operated by the CCMH Auxiliary, proceeds are used to benefit the patients and visitors of Cooper County Memorial Hospital.

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.